Helping Software Developers Provide Fast Casino Payout Transactions

Software development code writingWe at IQBALTHE Film specialise in the production side of film and sound, helping software developers around the world bring their creative vision to life. Mobile and online casino software developers are no different; we love helping them realise their entertainment products that cater to players from Chile to Thailand.

Fast Casino Payouts – No Walk in the Park

As hard as it is to mine Bitcoin, necessitating lots of resources in both hardware and time, as hard it is to provide transactions that are lightning speed to casino players.

After all, you’ve got so many steps and functions to consider. From verifying the payer, the payment details, the payment method, to funds available, and getting a verification from the bank, and lots of mini-steps in between, casinos try and push the envelope all the time.

Yet, where do we as a film and sound studio come in? Well, in quite unexpected ways. After all, producing cinematic and audio-compatible ways of making a fast casino payout is in no way similar to producing an animated film, say Wonder Park.

1. Movie sequence based payment steps

Film making is so different than it was back in the day. Now, lots of processes are computerised and digitized for movie-sequencing that other industries are taking note too.

No different is the adult gambling industry, which has taken to film production to make sure that people can make banking as quick and simple as watching a movie. This means that pretty much no effort is required on the part of the player to complete a transaction.

Ideally, the entire process will move as flawlessly as a movie sequence. That’s what makes it enjoyable and boosts the experience of the casino player.

2. Audio cues for payment completion

Another important part of the casino user experience is the audio cues. Of course, they might be playing on their mobile with all sounds off, yet our job is to make sure that there are important audio cues throughout the payment process.

From start through to the completion, audio cues are important to let people know if they are on the right track. Just like in every piece of software, audio cues either convey a positive reaffirmation or a negative request to fix a problem that might have occurred.

Although some might tend to overlook it, audio cues in software development are a great way to round off the user experience and make it more straight-forward than without it.

Would You Care to Join Us to Perfect Fast Casino Payouts?

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If this story intrigued you and you’d love to take part in perfecting the systems and the functions that are necessary to make even faster casino payouts, why not join us?

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